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Lane Sisters Release '24 Hours in Montreal'

By oliver Tuesday Dec 04, 2012 11:46 AM

MONTREAL—Roxy and Shana Lane of have just released their newest episode featuring adult icon Tera Patrick.

Tera joins the sisters in Montreal for an adrenaline-filled day packed with loaded guns, fast cars, and even some strip club action to top it all off. This episode is featured on and is part of the “Real” line of content coming from the new OpenLife project headed by Gamma Entertainment.

“OpenLife Real takes cameras off-set and into the lives of some of the world’s wildest adult performers,” said founder Claude Hyppolite. “In this specific episode with Tera, you get a glimpse of the fun, fast, thrilling lives these girls live on a daily basis.” 

You can get a sneak peak as to what Claude is talking about in the NSFW episode trailer found here. Two of the three parts of this episode have been fully released, with the final part set to be released next week. 

Part one focuses on the girls at the shooting range. Here you will see the sisters, Tera, and a few other girls from the OpenLife studios shooting big guns in six-inch heels and mini skirts. Part two features the girls racing around in luxury sports cars, including a Lotus and a Ferrari F430. Finally, part three follows the girls around through Montreal's Old Port, and ends with Tera stripping at the infamous Solid Gold strip club in Montreal. 

The Lane Sisters episode featuring Tera Patrick can be promoted through the OpenLife Affiliate Network (existing Gammae affiliates can login with their current account information). 

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